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Phoenix employs trains and develops people with disabilities to attain an improved quality of life to over 800 people annually through employment, School to Work Transition Programs and our Intensive Training Unit. Through these programs Phoenix is seen as an industry leader in the provision of employment and services to people with disabilities.

Phoenix Lottery prizes are in excess of $400,000 annually and the monies raised from our lotteries enable Phoenix to plan the growth of programs like Australia’s only School to Work Transition Program for students with disabilities.

Phoenix runs 5 lotteries a year, in addition to lotteries through Telethon.

For more information on how you can support Phoenix through our Lotteries, please call 1800 500 080 or email.


2017 TelethonSA Rivergum Home and Land Lottery at Playford Alive 

Drawn Wednesday 20th December 2017. View (external link) 

Spoilt for Choice 2017

Drawn Thursday 10th August 2017. Download Results 

Monster Money 2017

Drawn Thursday 20th April 2017. Download Results 

Daydream 2016

Drawn Thursday 25th August 2016. Download Results 

Mega Money 2016

Drawn Thursday 21st April 2016. Download Results 

Lots of Loot 2015

Drawn Tuesday 25th August 2015. Download Results 

Lucky Cash 2015

Drawn Tuesday 14th April 2015. Download Results 

Lots of Loot 2014

Drawn Monday 25th August 2014. Download Results 

School to Work 2014

Drawn Thursday 3rd July 2014. Download Results 

Lucky Cash 2014

Drawn Friday 11th April 2014. Download Results 

Festive Cheer 2013

Drawn Thursday 12th December 2013. Download Results 

Lots o Loot 2013

Drawn Friday 30th August 2013. Download Results 

Winter Dreams 2013

Drawn Friday 23rd August 2013. Download Results 

Pot of Gold 2013

Drawn Thursday 2nd May 2013. Download Results 

Luck Cash 2013

Drawn Monday 25th March 2013. Download Results 

Festive Cheer 2012

Drawn Monday 10th December 2012. Download Results

Winter Dreams 2012

Drawn Friday 24th August 2012. Download Results

Lots o Loot 2012

Drawn Monday 30th July 2012. Download Results

Pot of Gold 2012

Drawn Wednesday 2nd May 2012. Download Results

Lucky Cash 2012

Drawn Monday 27th February 2012. Download Results

Festive Cheer 2011

Drawn Monday 12th December 2011. Download Results

Winter Dreams 2011

Drawn Monday 22nd August 2011. Download Results 

Lots of Loot 2011

Drawn Monday 25th July 2011. Download Results 

Pot of Gold 2011

Drawn Monday 2nd May 2011. Download Results