About Phoenix Connect
Phoenix Connect is part of the Bedford Group, a social enterprise employing nearly 500 people with disabilities for over 75 years. Phoenix Connect is a fully automated inbound and outbound marketing call centre. 

Service Description
We currently operate a dedicated 44 seat contact centre, which can increase (as required) to 350 seats.  The inbound system gives full functionality to the calls received, using an IVR (if required for call direction), all queues are monitored for connectivity (PCA) with quality measures adopted as required by the client (CS).

Our General Manager of Phoenix Connect has extensive experience in the management and setup of contact centres with 10 years management experience for a large Telco, managing 400 + seat centres. In addition, the location of the Phoenix Connect call centre is scalable upwards to allow growth to several hundred seats if required

Relevant Accreditation
Registered charity

Technical Capability
Phoenix Connect outbound utilises a predictive dialling system, in conjunction with a sophisticated CRM platform (Lake). Calls executed via the dialling system and automatically presented to the agent via noise cancelling headsets on answer. Our full database and dialling system is backed up daily to ensure contingency plans are maintained. This backup is completed remotely and is stored off site.  We take pride in having a long-term team of dedicated telemarketing people who are friendly, professional and offer excellent service and sales to all customers.

Geographical Offering
Phoenix Connect is based in Mawson Lakes, South Australia, but has the capability to service national customers and contracts with ease.

Unique Offerings
Bedford started fundraising by conducting lotteries over 20 years ago.  The lottery product developed and 10 years ago we started offering our expertise to other charities and commercial organisations.

Endeavour House, Module 5, 1 Fourth Avenue, Mawson Lakes SA 5095   

Telephone 08 8116 2800 
Facsimile 08 8116 2899